4H Horse Training Tips?

Question by StandardbredLove: 4H Horse Training Tips?
I’m getting my Quarter Horse into Western Pleasure, Barrel Racing, Pole Weaving, and Key Race. He’s new to all of these and i want to know what are some things i can do to get them introduced to the process of these things. I don’t have a round pen, so i usually go exercises them on a trail ride. Is there anything i can do on trail rides to get them prepared for any of these events? Thanks

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Answer by Kobe B
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  1. sarat0

    Mar 14, 2014

    Use the landscape. Some trees make very nice poles. Somehow you will need to find a sandy place to get him used to the way sand makes him move and to get his turns tighter. But for a start just use the trees to get him used to a pattern and build the muscles.

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