5+ Units, Bank or Savings and Loans to refinance?

Question by carmen m: 5+ Units, Bank or Savings and Loans to refinance?
I have to buildings 7 and 8 units each and I ‘ ll like to refinance, but I dont know which Bank or Savings and Loans coudl refinance them, since is commercial and not all banks lend on commercial. Could you please help me?
by the way I’m in San Diego, Ca

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Answer by Carolinahomerates.com
might as well look for a broker.

they can find a few lenders with different pricings to help you

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3 Comments → “5+ Units, Bank or Savings and Loans to refinance?”

  1. skiingstowe

    Oct 11, 2012

    Bank of America just did three of my buildings. And yes, they are Commercial buildings.

  2. Open Book Advisors™

    Oct 11, 2012

    You can contact a Mortgage Broker.

    We have numerous commecial lending sources to shop your scenerio to.

    We are in Ca.


  3. moanmoon

    Oct 11, 2012

    holA! que de tiempo! bueno un saludo, puesto que sólo veo siempre tus preguntas en inglés, tienes que estar estudiando ADE en inglés por la pública no? eso lo hacen en sevilla y bueno creo que en más sitios.

    Siento no ser una respuesta! sólo era un saludo y gracias por la respuesta que me pusistes en su día!

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