Can someone help me figure out VA home loans?

Question by Richard M: Can someone help me figure out VA home loans?
I am at Square One in the whole home-buying arena so I have no knowledge. I am stationed overseas with 15 months left before I go back to the states. I want to buy a 2 bed-room in Austin Texas (average home $ 190,000). I am active duty Army and can use the VA home loan. My credit is poor , but I have little debt besides student loans (I paid off my old credit debt).

I know this is kind of vague but can someone give me a good place to start doing research and places that give good tips for first-time home buyers?

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Answer by suninfla
Contact a mortgage broker in the area you wish to buy a home. They will iron everything out for you.

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  1. S C

    Dec 16, 2013

    You may want to check the Texas Dept of Housing and see what first time home buyer programs they offer. You may qualify for a discounted interest rate loan or downpayment assistance. They may be able to help you in obtaining a VA loan.

    Check out the link below to learn more. Good luck!

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