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San Diego
San Diego Property
Image by Carsten Schertzer
My trip to San Diego was "interesting" to say the least. My adventure started like any other awesome adventure, In a Bay view hotel room over looking the San Diego Yatch club and harbor. The fun started when we met a really Sketchy guy Who was in the business of reselling Comic con tickets, After a bit of haggling and two Crispy 0 bills, we were then from that point on, known as MR. Mike Jacobson, and Ms. Micah Cano. Using our new names and professional looking neck Badges, we gained entry to Comic con, made our way through the booths, super heroes, venders, and celebrities. We learned that Pushing you’re way though a crowd of zombies, harry potter geeks, and slutty dressed girls is alot harder than it seems. Once we got our fill of comic con, we made our way to the roof of the 30 story Hilton hotel with a view overlooking the San Diego-Coronado Bridge. Our Ocean bridge view marked the end of day one. Day two started with a complimentary Breakfast offered by the hotel, with a stomach filled with eggs, potatoes, Bacon, and pancakes. We we’re ready to make our way to Day two of our comic con adventure, Under our assumed names of MR. Mike Jacobson and Ms. Micah Cano we made our way through the doors of Comic Con, but didn’t make it far, Turns out that our sketchy friend in the business of reselling Comic Con badges is also in the business of stealing Official Comic Con card stock and counterfeiting Badges. Once it was discovered that we, MR. Mike Jacobson and Ms. Micah Cano were in possession of Stolen and fake badges, We were promptly escorted by security, Badges we’re confiscated, and then were we escorted off the property. Pissed that we got Kicked out of comic con, and a little hungry, we made our way to the Horton Plaza where we engorged our selves with Witzles pretzels, Tea, And other various Fat cell Increasing foods. We eventually made our way to the down town area of San Diego, To release our slight aggression for sketchy counterfeiters, comic con security, and our Now conceived food babies, We ended the day with a good old fashion scream off in the city streets of San Diego, with the sound of the word "PENIS!" Echoing off the Sky scraper walls around us, and even the cracked out, mentally unstable homeless people were staring at us wondering what on earth would possibly cause us to yell penis as loud we can.

San Diego Bay’s Waterfront Transformation
San Diego Property
Image by Port of San Diego
The tidelands in Imperial Beach are made up of 403 acres of oceanfront property that was transferred to the Port by the State of California in 1990, along with the pier.

(Courtesy of Port of San Diego)

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