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Pinnacle’s private theater
San Diego Real Estate
Image by Lawrence.Braun
This private theater is inside the Pinnacle hi-rise condos in Downtown San Diego.

Strobist: I only own two SB’s…so lots of masking in photo shop here.

cross lighting at 1/32 power (-2/3) in front of each set of chairs from front to back. then, at 1/16 power, both flashes were shot camera left and right high for an overhead fill.

then, and again at 1/32 power both flashes were set in each set of chairs to light the popcorn and soda.

finally, both flashes were placed along the walls to the sides of each chair at 1/64 power to add a glow or to simulate theater floor lighting.

oh and the James Bond is a total Photo Shop job…but thats what the Realtor wanted…

The Pinnacle
San Diego Real Estate
Image by Lawrence.Braun
since i rarely have time to shoot leisurely anymore, I figured I’d just start posting some of the real estate stuff. how boring am I now.

ebay remotes

sb800 camera left a 1/4 power with soft box.
sun light camera right

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