foreclosure Question?

Question by D Z: foreclosure Question?
I keep trying to find a web site that has foreclosure listings but they all want money. my question is “why do they charge just to look at foreclosure listings? and if anyone knows where I can find a list of foreclosures that are free? where I don’t have to give credit card info.

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Answer by Dan S
forclosures are bad

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4 Comments → “foreclosure Question?”

  1. Landlord 91335

    Feb 04, 2014

    Because they can….go to and specifically look for foreclosed property sales.

  2. Voddy C

    Feb 04, 2014

    Just go onto a regular site like Century 21 or whatever and type in the zip-code. It will tell you foreclosure/short sale. Or an even easier way call a broker and tell them your price range and desired area and that you want a foreclosure and have them e-mail you al the matches. Just bought foreclosed home.

  3. Landlord

    Feb 04, 2014

    Talk to a real estate agent. They will help you for free, and they can just show you the ones in your price range and the neighborhood you want to buy in.

  4. godged

    Feb 04, 2014

    Foreclosure websites are an unreliable source for information and this is why. Foreclosure websites obtain their information from the mandatory notices that are published, thus taking some man hours to input and this is why they charge. These notices are generated on the initial default. The websites do not update this information regularly, they want to have as many properties as possible so you think you are getting all sorts of good info. The websites do not take off properties that are redeemed, short saled, or have gone to the auction block for quite some time.

    I have a client that subscribes to a foreclosure website. He showed me our local information, and I knew for a fact that about 25% of those properties listed were no longer available. I’m sure if we would have checked out all the “foreclosures” – that number would have been much higher.

    So, bottom line, don’t waste your time on the foreclosure sites.

    The vast majority of REO’s are offered through Realtors, so going to a local RE website will point you to some offerings.

    With all the great deals to be had out there, it is not wise to limit yourself to foreclosures.

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