Home selling tips in this slow market?

Question by D: Home selling tips in this slow market?
We are keeping the place clean, trying to keep things uncluttered and staging. What else can we do?

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Answer by sunshine_today
list at slightly undervalue and that might get a little bidding war going. Offer seller financing or some other perk.

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  1. carmensellsthehighdesert

    Feb 26, 2014

    Ask your Realtor to do an MLS search of all the active listings in your area that are priced lower than your home, and have more square footage than your home.

    You need to be in the “top 6” most competitively-priced homes to get shown. Buyers agents do not show 20 homes. They pick the best-valued homes and show those. If your commission is lower than average, they shouldn’t, but they might skip you over.

    If your home is not being shown, it’s the price. In THIS market, it is ALL about price. Condition is secondary as is location which can also be compensated by a great price. If your home IS being shown and you are not getting offers, it’s because someone else has a nice home at a better price.

    Talk to your Realtor and get yourself priced in the Top Six. I know it hurts but look at it this way: In this declining market, selling now at a reduced price is better than selling later at an even larger margin of lost equity.

    I would love to see your listing if you would like to email it over to me. Best of luck to you!

  2. zekemarie

    Feb 26, 2014

    Curb appeal!! Make people want to pull over and check it out. You get a sense of if you “think” you’ll like it or not before you ever walk in. When people come to look, have a potpourri going in the oven that smells like apple pie or peach something or other, or cookies. It feels homey. Take personal photos down so they can “picture” where they would put their family photos. ect…….Don’t have it TOO picked up, like have a throw blanket draped over a chair, not folded or perfectly centered so it looks like someone was relaxing there. Hope this helps.

  3. Pengy

    Feb 26, 2014

    Rent a storage unit and move allot of things into it, a sparsely furnished places appear larger. Fresh coat of paint, open all drapes so it is well lit. Bake something a few hours before the showing (bread is a good one) the scent becomes inviting. Flowers in the rooms. Anything to make the perspective buyer feel that this is a nice lace and we want it. It is the little touches that get their attention.

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