How Can a REALTOR®, Help YOU Purchase Your Dream Home?

How Can a REALTOR®, Help YOU Purchase Your Dream Home

   How Can a REALTOR®, Help YOU Purchase Your Dream Home                  

There are countless decisions to be made when buying a home, and many of them will significantly affect whether or not you are able to get a contract to closing and move into your new home.   A REALTOR® can offer specialized knowledge in research, and negotiations to help you meet or exceed your goals.  According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 82 percent of home sales are the result of agent connections. 

Finding the right REALTOR® requires doing a little research and asking a few questions.  The agent you select must be diligent, knowledgeable, resourceful, and care about your needs.

Below are some key points to look for in choosing your agent.

 Your REALTOR®,should:

  • Serve as your advocate and representative when dealing with sellers, sellers’ agents and service providers.


  • Make you aware of all the complicated local and state requirements affecting your transaction as a buyer including disclosure requirements.


·         Assist you in looking at various financing options, protect you from predatory lending practice and in getting a pre-approval from a lender.

·         Assist you negotiations and in making counteroffers.

·         Prepare a Buyer’s Estimated Cost Calculation Sheet for each offer.

·         Represent you throughout the transaction from contract to closing.

·         Be knowledgeable in the technology resources that facilitate the transaction.

·         Attend the closing and mediate any last-minute obstacles to ensure a smooth, successful transaction.

·         Provide referrals to proven service providers, including title companies, inspectors, appraisers, pest control, moving companies and more.

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