How can I become a Real estate agent?

Question by Sesil: How can I become a Real estate agent?
I would like to become a real estate agent, in a high end, resort type area such as , Malibu, Tahoe, Carmel, San Diego. I’m a sophomore in high school and I don’t come from from money. please tell me what it takes to do this.

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Answer by sarah
Well first, wait until the markets rebound, because housing markets are wayyy in the tank right now. Just get good grades for now and work on getting a part time job so that you get sales experience.

Next, after graduation, take the real estate courses offered by local real estate schools or local colleges and establish yourself in a community in which you’d like to work. Make a name for yourself by joining clubs/activities, volunteering and possibly joining a church so that people get to know you and want to come to you as a realtor.

Good luck and best wishes–and just so you know, expensive places aren’t always easy to sell real estate in.

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  1. bab

    May 19, 2013

    Real estate agents are leaving the business in droves. Last year, 75% of US agents sold nothing. Breaking in to a high priced CA market is darn hard. Most who do have roots in the areas. You pretty much need to be an insider in Carmel or Malibu to sell real estate there which is why many agents you meet have grown up there or live there. They are wives of executives often. If you’re thinking this is easy money, think again.

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