Is there an easy way to make grenadine at home?

Question by Harv: Is there an easy way to make grenadine at home?
I find the store bought varieties a bit excessive, and I want a fresher grenadine if possible. I’m somewhat acquainted with the process, but can anyone give advice on how long it would remain fresh for or whether the taste would compare to a store bought variety? Tips on ingredients or the process of making it would also be appreciated.

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Answer by Sha the shine
Well, you could start with a simple syrup recipe. Equal parts water to sugar. (i.e. one cup white sugar and one cup water.)

Combine and bring to a boil in sauce pan over medium heat, stirring continuously until sugar dissolves. Add Almond extract to taste for cherry flavor( or any cherry candy flavoring that you prefer). Of course you can add some red food coloring to give it the color of grenadine.

The syrup will stay for months in the fridge. But be careful of the container. If it is not tightly sealed, the syrup could take on the flavor other food in the fridge.

As with all homemade items, tastes will vary in comparison to store bought products. Just make a couple tests batches and you might find you like the homemade stuff better! Happy cooking!

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