Kitchen remodel mistakes?

Question by J K: Kitchen remodel mistakes?
I’m remodeling my kitchen right now and worried I’ll realize I wanted something done differently AFTER the remodel is finished. Has anyone out there done a remodel and can give some advice? I’m looking for responses something like “I wish I had put my dishwasher on the right side of my sink instead of the left side” and reasons why. Or just any tips and advice for someone just starting the process! Thanks!

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Answer by David B
The best thing you could do is to take the dimensions of the kitchen to someplace like Home Depot and get them to design a kitchen for you. They have the experience to ask the right questions so that the layout will meet all of your needs.

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  1. Kacky

    Feb 11, 2014

    You could Google "kitchen remodel mistake" and see if anything interesting comes up. You could also mark off sections with painter's tape to see how the different sizes and positions of appliances will work for you.

  2. Timber

    Feb 11, 2014

    yes, most home centers-like Home Depot/Lowes will do a free layout, its intended you’ll buy product from them but you aren’t obligated

    most kitchens are somewhat dictated by the size of the room/location of plumbing in the house, of course there are dozens & dozens of tips-a few important ones

    -its nice to have counter space on at least one side of all 3 major appliances, refrigerator, stove, & dishwasher, for loading/unloading, food, pans, pots, dishes, etc.

    its also nice to not have more than 5-6 feet in between all the work zones, like you wouldn’t want to walk across the room to put vegetables from the fridge into the sink etc.

  3. Conrad

    Feb 11, 2014

    It could have been better if you posted a picture of your kitchen here so we can see. However, you may follow these tips.
    Eliminate Wasted Steps
    Design Wide Walkways
    For kid-friendly kitchen designs, keep the cooktop out of traffic areas so children don’t catch handles and cause spills when running through. Also, make the refrigerator accessible to both passersby and people working in cooking and cleanup areas.
    Find the Right Height for the Microwave
    Stay Clear of Corners
    Determine the Island’s Function – When it comes to kitchen islands, form follows function.
    Plan Landing Space
    Consider the Granite Countertops
    Arrange the Range – Place a shelf beside or behind the range to keep cooking oils, utensils, and spices handy.

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