La Jolla High School

La Jolla High School
In 2011, San Diego Unified schools accumulated a total of $ 6.5 million from 55 different foundations. That money was used to pay for whatever an individual school needed, including salaries, field trips or various programs. But schools like La Jolla …
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New research shows that US teachers are nowhere near as diverse as their
San Diego, use our traffic map to check your commute! 10News Traffic … Studies from the Center for American Progress and the National Education Association point out that only 18 percent of the teachers in the public school system are nonwhite. The …
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Reality Check: School Foundations vs. Title I Funds
For as long as critics have questioned whether school foundations worsen inequalities by raising millions of dollars for certain San Diego Unified schools, these nonprofit fundraising groups have countered by saying they're only balancing the equation.
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