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MY FRIENDS STILL IN THEIR DRESS BLUES while I just stepped out of the shower, right, wearing a government towel. There was a "bird" in the little triangle that I felt should be edited. We had just returned from our first liberty while still in boot camp, after about six weeks. We did what most of the sailors did on liberty: we looked for smiling young ladies and found some who smiled and went on their way. I believe we ended up going to the San Diego zoo, I can’t remember–it was 50 years ago! Man, time flys.I was just getting into shape too, when boot camp ended in June. And while the other guys in the company (company 146) received their orders to a defined duty station, I did not. Instead, I was ordered to Treasure Island to await orders. After 30 days of leave, part of it spent at home and part of it spent hitching MATS rides back east, I reported to Treasure Island and enjoyed "waiting" for orders and enjoying liberty in San Francisco’s fun spots, like Market Street (that was a real experience, a real eye-opener, and there were lots of invites to parties on Market Street). There was time spent at the old exposition center by the Golden Gate, there was Fisherman’s wharf, telegraph hill, Sausalito, North Beach and a few USO dances where I got invites home to a Sunday dinner with the young lady–and her mom. There were many invitations to church, and a dinner afterwards. Imagine, a USO dance today with all ot the girls in taffeta skirts and big hair, but gorgeous with their dark lashes and 60s makeup. Oh,I get excited just remembering them. But there was always Mom, sitting across the table, smiling, knowing my every thought, and passing the gravy. Moms are moms and I respect those ladies. Even through the veil of time, their standards and values shine through.

Local home prices continue to climb
Share Update. SAN DIEGO — Real estate in San Diego regained some ground in March, with the median price of a single-family home rising 4.3 percent to $ 490,000, according to the San Diego Association of Realtors. Home Sold In a report issued Monday, …

Foreclosures stay low in San Diego
Default notices and foreclosures have been on the decline since the Great Recession, as San Diego County home values recovered after the collapse of the housing market. The newfound equity has allowed people who can't pay their mortgages to sell their …
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