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The Search for A Clairemont Canyon Home

This past weekend I was speaking with a client, who was interested in buying a home in the Clairemont community of San Diego.  While asking a few questions and setting up our search parameters, my client explained to me that he was in search of the perfect Clairemont canyon home.  I chuckled when I heard this because having a nice canyon lot was also a major influence in my home purchase 3 years ago.  Cliaremont has a lot to offer, good schools, great location, affordable housing and is located only five miles from the beach and five miles from Downtown.  In addition, the Tecolote Canyon and Rose Canyon weave through out the community offering outstanding hiking, biking and wildlife observation. These Clairemont canyons also allow an opportunity to own large lots between a 1/4 and 2 acres, and can provide excellent views.

Why I bought a Clairemont canyon home

Clairemont canyon homeIn my 4 month home search I had only 3 conditions, location, lot size and it needed to be a Clairemont canyon home.  In addition to being a Realtor, I also know my way around many areas of construction and property maintenance.  From the start, I knew that I was getting into a remodeling project, so I was not overly concerned about buying a house in need of repairs.  Instead, I focused on the three things that I could never change, location, lot size and being situated on a beautiful Clairemont canyon lot.

For my Wife and I, the decision on location was easy.  I had been renting a duplex, that just happened to be a Clairemont canyon home, since 2001 and I knew that this is where I wanted to grow old.   My Wife had been a lifelong resident of Pacific Beach, our bordering beach town, and I knew that we could not venture too far from her childhood stomping grounds.  We quickly agreed on Clairemont and decided not to look anywhere else.  We began looking at houses for sale in the North Clairemont area, scheduling our showings in the afternoon and early evenings.   It wasn’t until the third or fourth house that we noticed how the positioning of the lot was going to be a major factor in our purchasing decision.  We planned on spending a lot of time in our backyard with our young daughters and entertaining our family and friends.  We quickly realized that a Clairemont canyon home with north and east facing backyard would be too dark, shaded and less appealing during our early evening viewings.  We saw one home with a pool and an east facing backyard and the pool was completely shaded by 3:00 in the afternoon.  Living in San Diego, I’ve always wanted a house with a pool and we just couldn’t see ourselves enjoying a swim if the pool was entirely shaded in the middle of the afternoon.  In addition, we knew that we would be entertaining our friends in the evenings and a backyard BBQ would be much more inviting as the sun was setting, especially over a Clairemont canyon.

During this time, I was trying to get as many home remodeling ideas as possible and I had become obsessed with some of the “Do it Yourself Shows” on TV.  One in particular is called Yard Crashers on the DIY Network, where the host ambushes unexpected home owners and proposes a back yard makeover.  I would sit and watch with a sketch pad at hand, and draw my plans for a yard that I didn’t even have yet.

My plans contained features such as a complete outdoor kitchen, seating areas, pool and spa, fire pit, pergola, hammock and a playground, all surrounded by lush tropical landscaping.  I know all this may sound a little over the top but these were the types of amenities going into some of the homes on this show.  It quickly became apparent to me that I was going to base my purchase, primarily on  a Clairemont canyon home and the potential of the backyard.  A few weeks into our house hunt we made the decision to exclusively look at houses that had large west or southwest facing back yards.  After a month of searching and finding nothing on the market that fit our parameters, we decided that we needed to reconsider a few of our requirements, so back to the drawing board we went.

We weighed our options, however, we did not want to compromise on the areas that we could never change, and we would have to live with for the rest of our lives.   I performed another search, but decreased the number of bedrooms , with the thought that we could always add another bedroom in the future if the backyard was big enough.  Low and behold, the search returned one result, a Clairemont canyon home on a half-acre canyon lot.  Literally, the ugliest house on the street but it was exactly what we wanted, a large west facing back yard.  We immediately submitted an offer and closed escrow in 43 days.  I spent the next 4 months gutting and remodeling the house and we moved in on November 12, 2008.

Over two years later, I am convinced that we made the right decision, as we spend the majority of our family time out back.  Whether it’s the beautiful Clairemont sunsets, cool ocean breezes, sunny backyard BBQ’s, Entertaining friends or spending time with our children, not a day goes by where we don’t enjoy our Clairemont canyon home.

If you’d like more information on buying or selling a Clairemont canyon home, please email me at

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