Mortgage Interest Rates

Understanding how mortgage interest rates are quoted

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  1. Stephen Githinji

    May 09, 2012

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  2. zay712

    May 09, 2012

    Very helpful!

  3. spectrum2000now

    May 09, 2012

    Really informative! Thinking of getting one!

  4. AmStarMortgage

    May 09, 2012

    Index is almost always the 1 Year LIBOR….and the margin is usually 2.25%. And the bank rately takes a loss on the loan because now they sell everything most loans to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or FHA.

  5. asiantown2013

    May 09, 2012

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  6. meme112233able

    May 09, 2012

    thank you

  7. mostpopular2010

    May 09, 2012

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  8. JCRealtyDenverLLC

    May 09, 2012

    Check out the many videos I have posted answering common mortgage lender questions.

  9. buytoletlandlord

    May 09, 2012

    interest mortgage video

  10. FortNikitaBullion

    May 09, 2012

    Don’t buy a house until you can put at least 50% down.

  11. crumcon

    May 09, 2012

    Watch Max Keizer Report to understand why we have bubble in housing market. Khan´s explanation only works in ideal situation where Bankers and Wall Street do not create greedy economy for bailout and gives themself hundred of million bonuses


    May 09, 2012

    @codredaniel Interest rates will vary throughout the 30 years, so if the bank is charging you the 5% fixed rate then they are taking a risk because the interest rate might raise, which means that they could have been making that much more. If the rate rose by 3% to 8% then the bank could have made an extra 3% if it was not fixed. This is also know as an opportunity cost.

  13. Upthemeds

    May 09, 2012

    If you had a 30 year fixed can you pay off the loan, before the 30 year period? Also could you pay off the 5/1 arm during the 5 year period?

  14. SirHempsworth

    May 09, 2012

    Thanks kahnacademy. May I recommend a follow up that explains refinancing. 

  15. NullTran

    May 09, 2012

    Can someone give an example of how much money do you actually end up paying?
    The way I see it from 30 year loan 5% return, if you always pay loan and return and the loan lineary decreases you pay 50% return?

  16. orlandofriend

    May 09, 2012

    In most states, a bank can not only take the house back on a foreclosure, but they have a 5 year window to get a deficiency judgement. Thus, if you have a 160,000 mortgage and the bank sells the home for 100,000, then you are on the hook for 60,000 — with nothing to show for it.

  17. hospee

    May 09, 2012

    Another wonderful video. Thanks khan academy! This video appeared when I needed it most.

  18. FlipThatBond

    May 09, 2012

    The scary part is almost half of banks assets are backed by real estate. 22.5% of mortgage holders are underwater and the next 35% have less than 10% equity so with just another 10% drop in real estate prices, well over 50% of mortgage holders will be underwater which which is too much. Our rulers will do everything they can so real estate doesn’t drop further which means they will continue to back ridiculous loans as well as continue to buy more and more bonds to keep rates super low.

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