Need some questions answered about San Diego?

Question by largeaquaticmammal: Need some questions answered about San Diego?
If I wanted to live near SeaWorld in San Diego, which region and city would I have to live in? I’m doing this for an assignment in English class. I went to a real estate site and they wanted a region (east county, north county coastal, north county inland, san diego central, san diego coastal, south bay) and a city. Which one is the least dangerous, but also close to SeaWorld as if I were to work there?

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Answer by Keyo Money
All these areas you listed are pretty safe to live in. Just stay away from the east side of san diego since most of the crime here tend to happen in that area.

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  1. tom92117

    Oct 11, 2013

    Boy, you really do bounce around to different forums.

    Here is what I suggested in the San Diego travel forum:

    Your zip code would be 92109 Pacific Beach. You would be San Diego Coastal.

    You would be about 1 mile from Sea World if you lived in the Crown Point section of Pacific Beach. That would be the area on a map that includes Crown Point Shores and Riveria Shores. The main throughofare is Ingraham Street which takes you directly from Pacific Beach over two bridges straight to Sea World.

    Define dangerous. It’s San Diego and crime exists. Here are the crime stats so you can compare the local areas.…

    The local areas on the crime report close to Sea World are Pacific Beach, Bay Park, Mission Beach and probably West Clairemont Mesa. Check it out and finish your assignment.


    I lived in Crown Point for many years.

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