Q&A: San Diego, CA. public school for troubled kids?

Question by Allen: San Diego, CA. public school for troubled kids?
I got two teenage kids, one is in grade 9 & the other is in 10. I finally got my kids back recently. They were kidnapped July 20th, 2010. Right now we live in the northeast area of the United States and they go to a public school for troubled kids. I want to move back to San Diego, CA. for me & for my kids (my kids have never been in San Diego.) I DO NOT WANT to send them to a boarding school. NO!!! It took me 1,233 days to FINALLY get my kids back. Boarding school?!? Of course not!!! Is there a school like that for my kids? Troubled kids but no boarding school & in a public San Diego school?

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Answer by JMITW
There should be classrooms within the regular public schools.

These types of special ed day schools are very common. I would assume there are in and around san diego. I know someone that is doing an online alternative school program in that area…but you probably want them in a school where they interact face to face with people.


they need to implement the IEP to the best of their ability right away. it takes time to get a student into a special ed school..

if the school has a compatible in district class, that is acceptable to start with….as that can be considered to the best of their ability.

and the new district can do a new IEP right away…quicker than it would be to enroll them in a special ed school….and the new IEP could change it to an in district placement.

The law (IDEA) clearly states that schools do not need to meet the IEP from another district EXACTLY….they only need to do it to the best of their ability.

Speciall Ed teachers in public schools are just as qualified as teachers in special ed schools.

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  1. Nancy Sierra

    Mar 19, 2014

    If your children both have an IEP, then the San Diego school district is obligated to implement if as it is written. If their current placement is “special school,” then they must give them that placement.

    Give the special education department a call and talk to their behavior coordinator or whoever is in charge of that program. Explain the issue and then fax him or her a copy of all of the special ed paperwork so they can get started with seeing the kinds of placements that they have for your kids. You can redact their names, if that makes you feel more comfortable, but ALL paperwork is private and access is limited to those involved.

    All children with IEP’s are under the protection of IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act,) so the rules are going to mostly be the same in other districts. The one thing you should know, is that though IDEA is a federal law, it can be interpreted somewhat differently by different states.

    You will be having an IEP meeting before your kids enter school, but if they don’t, make sure the placement is the exact same as the one they are in now. With the level of behavior, they should meet first and usually do.

    That being said, you might want to go to the Wright’s Law website, which is free and has a great deal of information on special ed law. Be as informed as you can be before that first meeting.

    If they offer a different setting, such as a special class on a regular campus, chances are it is going to be run differently than one at a special school. They will go to specials and lunch with general ed students and the teacher may not be as qualified as one at a special school.

    If you are at all concerned with the placement, then immediately head down to the district office to file a “due process” complaint to get their attention and to make sure your child is properly placed. Also, find out if there is a special ed advocate available in the area or see if there are special ed lawyers who operate at a reduced fee, if you go due process.

    Most schools go along with the prior placement, I am just forewarning you. Also, they may NOT tell you that they don’t have such a school or that there isn’t enough money to implement one. That is a due process right there.

    Again, here’s hoping everything goes smoothly. Everyone wants it to do so, but I have seen some shenanigans and if you are ready for one, so much the better. However, feel safe in knowing that your children won’t be going to boarding school because no district is going to advise that.

    Good luck and thanks for advocating for your kids who have seen enough in their short lives.

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