Realtor Exposes a Home to the Most Buyers

What should be the primary focus of a Listing Agent?

Easy, Exposure!

Without a doubt, a Realtor who exposes a home to the most buyers will be the Realtor providing the highest quality of service to their client.  It’s a pretty simple notion, if buyers are not exposed to the property, they will not buy it.  You would be surprised by the amount of Realtors who only use the MLS and a few flyers to market a listing.  In todays’ high tech world of Real Estate, these primitive methods do not suffice.

In order for a Realtor to expose a home to the most amount of buyers, he or she, will have to get the buyers to see the listing.  Did you know that over 90% of consumers search for homes on the internet?  In addition, over 40% of homes purchased are found buy the buyers on line.  These numbers will only increase as a result of the advancement in Technology and Social Media.

Realtor Exposes Home to the Most Buyers

How does a Realtor expose a home to the most buyers?

The easy answer would be to advertise on sites like, Trulia, Zillow or Redfin.  While it is true that, Trulia, Zillow, Redfin and others have an extremely powerful on line presence, and should be used in a marketing campaign, we must also look at how these sites use Google to get their properties seen.  A large number of the buyers using the internet to search for homes are doing so via the number one web site in the world…Google.

Another tool for a Realtor to expose a home to the most buyers is by using Social Media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.  Think about it, these two Social Media giants have almost 1 billion users combined.  If a Realtor is not using these platforms, they are simply not able to expose a home to the most buyers possible.

What about taking it one step further and creating an entire web site for each home, and by using the sites and tools mentioned above, getting that website on the 1st page of Google?

In my blog posts to follow, I will be discussing the systems that I’ve developed to expose a home to the most buyers possible!

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