San Diego?

Question by Dont be jelous cause im cute<: San Diego?
does anyone live in san diego , what is there to do were staying @ a private beach or at the navy base in coronodo what can we do?and how is the weather

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Answer by CEO&LittleLeagueMom
San Diego is a GREAT place to visit – there’s a lot to do.
1. There’s a zoo which is probably one of hte top 5 in the world.
2. There’s Seaworld.
3. There’s Balboa Park, with a bunch of museums and a planetarium.
4. There’s Old Town, which is a semi-renovated mini version os when San Diego was in Old California.
5. There’s the Gaslight district with great Italian restaurants, music and clubs.
6. There’s beautiful beaches with mini sailboats, boats and other water toys to rent.
7. You can take the tram down to Tijuana for the day to do some shopping in Mexico.
There are many good places to eat.
The weather is generally warm, although there can be fog, particularly at the beach in the mornings.

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  1. De C

    Mar 26, 2014

    Sea World… go to Del Mar.. IKEA(LoL)… go to the ship yard.. do you have kids?? If so, use this website for them ..

    No kids?;_ylt=AsEsL2Udvknp7d4fqb9LZgdAFmoL

    As for the weather… check it before you go… I don’t know when you’re traveling!!

  2. Amanda M

    Mar 26, 2014

    If you go to the grande colonial’s website and click on neighborhood, it will give you a nice long list of fun and interesting things to do in the san diego/ la jolla area.

  3. BabS

    Mar 26, 2014

    Go to Balboa Park & check out the museums – they are fabulous! Of course, the San Diego Zoo is right next door and it’s spectacular. Sea World is about 15 minutes away & is always a lot of fun. Be sure to catch the sunset either at the top of Mt. Soledad or from the Ocean Beach Pier.

    This time of year is when San Diego experiences “June gloom” – this is where there’s a lot of cloud cover (hazy skies) but it usually burns off in the afternoon. Temperatures are moderate.

    Hope you have a great time! : )

  4. rissa

    Mar 26, 2014

    san diego is great. right now, the weather is a little unpredictable.. one day it’s sunny, the next it’s gloomy. as for the fun stuff here’s a website that will help you find things like the sights, food, and fun. there’s lots to do here, but when 10pm hits the fun is limited for the 21 and under crowd. if age isn’t an issue hit up downtown.

    oh yea, there’s also free tuesdays at balboa park. certain museums are free but it depends on the week. there are museums of photography, sports, and so on..

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