Selling home tips?

Question by Frank O: Selling home tips?
I am currently selling my home it is a 4 bed 2 bath very nice house with a pool and spa. I will be having a open house this weekend, and i am looking for good selling tips to entice new prospects any proffesional ideas out their??

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Answer by shari w
I’m no pro but I’ve sold 4 homes in a very expensive coastal area.
Pack up the knick knacks and what nots and put them in storage.
Clean clean clean!!!
Fresh cut flowers (or maybe a poinsetta this month)
Fresh paint, in a neutral color, is always huge
Immaculate yard- in fact, bark is amazing and perks up any yard
Depending on your porch area flowering potted plants are great
Good luck!!

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  1. rdncgirl

    Jun 15, 2012

    Make sure the house is clean, free of any clutter, yard nicely done. Also, place some balloons out front on the open house sign. Have some snacks and drinks available for the guests.

  2. reno girl

    Jun 15, 2012

    Pack away all of your personal belongings, toaster, kettle, photographs etc and only leave out one or two well selected things. e.g if you have a fantastic looking stainless steel kettle or a crystal decanter set put it out on a benchtop or somewhere that it doesn’t clutter up the room.
    Make sure everything is very clean, especially the floor.
    Open up all your windows if they have a good veiw and let in as much light as you can. On the other side of the coin if you have a horrid veiw out one of your windows, close that blind/curtain, whatever you have hanging there.
    If you have terrible window coverings, take them down and let the light in.
    Make the kitchen sparkle and make sure there are no dishes left out and the drying rack is put away and the sink has been polished up with a clean cloth. Turn on any lights that light up features of the room.
    If you have somewhere to store your stuff take boxes of furniture and knick nacks to a friends house. The less stuff you have cluttering your house the bigger the place looks.
    It may go without saying but make your bed and fluff up the pillows, buy a new doona cover if you need to. You will be surprised how many people like a house because it has a comfy looking bedroom. Mow the lawns and pick up any dog poop, oil the decks or scrub the pavers.
    Kitchen and bathrooms are always noticed the most. Cupboards and cabinets will be opened. Make sure your bathroom cabinets are cleaned out and have as little amount as possible in them.
    Fresh flowers are a good idea – lilies are good because they last for weeks and can get you through 2-3 open houses. Rearrange them and snip of dead ones before each open house.
    Leave your cars at a neighbours house so prospective buyers can appreciate the parking space. Try not to be there during the open house. It is hard for prospective buyers to feel comfortable in a house when the owners are there. Take your dog for a walk or if you have any pets make sure they do not get in the way of the buyers.
    Make sure the real estate agent knows how friendly your neighbourhood is, ask them to try and bring it up in conversation with the buyers.
    I think I have exhausted most of my idea’s but GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. welmoed

    Jun 15, 2012

    To make your home seem super-spacious, do what the model home builders do: remove all the doors! No kidding; take the bedroom doors off the hinges. It will also flood the bedroom level with light.

    To make your home seem less cluttered, pack at least half of what you own and store it somewhere besides your basement/garage. Rent space to store it, or ask a neighbor if you can keep it in their basement/garage while your house is on the market. This decluttering includes the kitchen: make sure the pantry cabinets aren’t stuffed to the gills.

    To make your home special: if there are little “special things” about your home that you want prospective buyers to know about that they might not hear from an agent, make little signs throughout the house. We did this for our house, to highlight the special features of the home theater, the original wood floors, the professional stove, etc. Our agent said people coming through were very impressed and it made our house stand out.

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