Shooting Victim’s Friend Tells Different Story, Claims Munoz Was Murdered, Not a Burglar

Shooting Victim’s Friend Tells Different Story

Claims Munoz Was Murdered, Not a Burglar

By Joe Burns, KTVZ.COM



BEND, Ore. — Friends of 33-year-old Shane Munoz who was killed during what police describe as a home invasion burglary, said Tuesday they don’t believe Munoz is accused of burglarizing someone’s home the way police describe.

That friend didn’t want to be on camera or be identified but says Munoz isn’t the type of person to invade someone’s home.

Just what exactly happened on 2461 Awbrey Road early Sunday morning is still a mystery to some.

Police are still standing by with their version of events: that 35-year-old Kevin Perry and 33-year-old Amanda Weinman came home, discovered the door had been forced in and encountered Munoz in the living room. That’s when a fight broke out and Munoz was shot by Perry, officers said. Munoz died at the scene.

But that narrative doesn’t sit well with Munoz’s friends.

“I don’t believe it was a home invasion intruder at all,” the friend said. “That’s just not Shane’s MO.”

The life-long friend says he heard Munoz was with Perry at a bar earlier in the afternoon and into the evening.

That’s where the friend says Munoz was either invited or brought to Perry’s home later that night. And all of them, including Weinman, Perry’s friend, had a few too many to drink.

“Maybe they asked him to leave or the guy got mad at him for some reason and Shane didn’t really realize how upset he was,” the friend said. “Something occurred to where a pistol came out and they shot him”

And the friend says he believes Perry kicked his own door in.

“There’s no reason for Shane to be kicking people’s doors in the middle of Awbrey Butte and in the middle of Saturday night,” the friend said.

The friend says Munoz had a place to live, had a job, and had a family.

“He’s never a criminal, never a figher” the friend said. “It seems funny. It’s saddening”

Deschutes County court records show a list of cases for Munoz but no previous burglary charges.

“In my heart, my whole body was telling me he was murdered,” the friend said.”I felt that there was a great injustice to Shane and his family and his friends.”

NewsChannel 21 tried reaching Perry and Weinman but was unsuccessful.

Police aren’t saying whether or not the two men knew each other or if this was a random crime. The case remains under investigation.


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