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San Diego, CA – Smart Real Estate Foreclosures, a real estate investment company specializing in foreclosed properties, has released an informational video featuring owner Alan Kinzel. The new video takes potential investors through all of the services and features that the company provides, such a pictures, videos and valuations of properties. The company specializes in helping real estate investors find and purchase desirable properties at foreclosure auction. “Southern California is the best place in the United States, in my opinion, to be investing.” Alan Kinzel While some investors are purchasing with the intent of “flipping” the property, many others are buying for long-term investments such as rental property. With MLS listings in the region hitting all-time lows, and more properties appearing on foreclosure auction lists, Smart Real Estate Foreclosures is well positioned to help investors take advantage of the current market situation. Kinzel point out that Southern California “is one of the most desirable locations in the United States for people to buy for vacation homes or to live.” Among Smart Real Estate Foreclosures services are online and mobile notification of the auction process. These allow investors to have real-time updates on the status of the auction, including start time, bids, and final results. An investor can even increase the bid limit during the auction if desired. “If you want to increase your bid during the auction,” says Kinzel, “you can do
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  1. gracehomes

    Feb 01, 2012

    Love it! Hit them right between the eyes and tell them the truth. Keep rocking it!

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