Wall Street Fraud Watchdog Slams Obama’s Comment About A 2012 US Housing Market Turnaround

 New Concerns Voiced About the Recovery of the Housing Market

The Wall St Crime Watchdog is advising investors about the costs of non-professional hour at the Government, up to and including  leadership regarding the floundering US Economy, or the US housing markets. The group announces, “We would be first to say jump in and get a house, if we really thought it would be a great idea, but with President Obama on the edge of declaring class warfare on anyone who has a private sector job in the U. S. , we say sit this one out, till someone in Washington DC really begins to lead, or somebody in Washington DC figures out dividing the country once again is maybe not a very good idea.” The group asserts, “We believe the US housing market is on the verge of falling off a cliff.


housing marketWe don’t think the Obama Administration has a clue, and another move toward a divided country, could be terrible for the US housing market, and every U. S citizen. We all know Tax The Rich, Tax the greedy Companies sounds great if you are on welfare, but who is going to get the Economy of the USA moving again? It will not be, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, or President Obama. As an example, if Washington, DC basically wants to get the US housing market moving again, The Congress should revive the IRS tax breaks to incorporate any person buying a home. This also suggests investors. The laissez faire market works, but you have got to understand to invest in anything, there needs to be a reason, and a return. We are saying give all US Citizens an incentive to get back into the US housing market, and do it now.” The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog also says, “On the topic of a US Housing Market recovery, there are some communities that may never recover in places like Florida.

The rationale isn’t the economy, or housing market conditions, its because 100,000 homes in Florida alone contain toxic Chinese drywall. In this area President Obama might have, and should have taken a position of power. Unfortunately, he still has to mention poisonous Chinese drywall one time in public since he took office in January of 2009. The Fed reply thus far would be funny, if we weren’t deeply nervous about the condition of the homeowners, and their children, who live in these homes. Aircon coils in Florida houses with toxic Chinese drywall turn black within a year or so. We fear for the householders, and families living in these houses, and we’ve been doing all we can think about to help them for 2 years-including asking why no Federal Reply, and Why no President Obama?” They are saying, “What a coincidence on August 16th, a sister group of ours blasted President Obama for his failure to mention homeowners stuck in Florida poisonous Chinese drywall houses one time in public, and on Aug 17th President Obama offers no solutions for the US housing markets? Leadership matters, and the U. S. desires leadership right now.” For some more information about noxious Chinese drywall please visit ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.



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