What home staging tips helped you sell your home?

Question by neinil: What home staging tips helped you sell your home?
We are going to put our house on the market this week. It’s in great shape, is decorated well, and clean. I’m going to “stage” the house to make it even more desirable. If you staged your home before you sold it please tell me what tips worked well for you. Thank you.

p.s. No smartie-pants answers needed. Please voice your sarcasm elsewhere.

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Answer by Just BN Me
Great question!

DE-CLUTTER: Remember people want to see the house, not your stuff so as much as you can take out of the rooms and off the walls to show space, the better. Even if it’s not quite your style or you feel the house is empty feeling

DE-PERSONALIZE: Take the family photos down and paint over any crazy bold colors. Neutral colors allow buyers to picture themselves in the house.

ROOM DESIGNATIONS: Make sure each room distinctly shows what it is. If it’s a bedroom, don’t put exercise equipment in there. If it’s an office, then don’t put kids toys in there. Buyers need to see how each room can be used.

SMELLS GOOD: It’s also nice to make sure the house smells fresh and not necessarily lived in. Clean carpets of pet odors, use those burning oil scents to make a nice fresh smell (not overpowering) linger in the house. Especially in basements. If buyers smell odors they will think it comes with the house.

Most of all — watch alot of HGTV if you have cable. There are lots of tips on there. Or go to the HGTV website.

Good luck in this market!

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2 Comments → “What home staging tips helped you sell your home?”

  1. Darla M

    Apr 05, 2013

    Take out all the clutter especially on counter tops.
    Take out anything personal if you can…pictures of family, etc.
    Make sure the only furniture showing is your best.
    Dust everything from ceiling fans to the base boards and polish, polish, polish. Pull all the window treatments back, up or whatever so the light comes in. Make sure windows are clean.
    Put your best smaller furniture in the main rooms to make them look bigger.
    Paint is your friend.
    We also worked hard on staging the back yard. Trimmed and new flowers from the nursery.
    The garage we hung every tool we could find to show it would hold a lot and be organized.
    Hard work but worth it when the bids come in.

  2. Valerie R

    Apr 05, 2013

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