What is the best mortgage advertisment you have seen?

Question by Mike: What is the best mortgage advertisment you have seen?
I am a Mortgage Broker looking for some good ideas for advertising. What is the funiest or best mortgage ad anyone has seen? Any loan officers out there with any creative new ideas?

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Answer by Todd Cook
Not sure if you reside in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, but there is a mortgage lending company that utilizes ultra cornball in their TV/Radio ads. They feature Kevin Miller who is well spoken. The production values in these ads are great and consumers clearly have embraced his ad concepts. http://www.texaslending.com/
If you live outside of Texas, I would entertain looking at mirroring his concept. If executed correctly, consumers will see less of the cornball and more of ther offerings as they have successfully done here. Of course the key ingredient that 99% of companies resist is the fact that guys like Texas Lending spend at a much higher clip than the standard broker. Average ad expenditures against revenue typically are 11%. These guys have to be pushing pretty close to 18% in order to break through the clutter in a large market like Dallas/Ft Worth and to keep the accelerator all the way down. If you can spend enough, and you have the right creative, you’ll win. Most places decide they dont want to spend the right amount to break through and they never win.

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  1. Rich

    Feb 13, 2013

    If you are looking to advertise mortgage services online, try Regional Mortgages
    Its an informational website that has a directory of local mortgage professionals. They allow for one mortgage rep per zip code.

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