What is there to do in San Diego? Such as attractions / any thing! ?

Question by SoSurreal♥: What is there to do in San Diego? Such as attractions / any thing! ?
i really want to go to California on a trip with my boyfriend ( for about 5 days ) — i want to go to San Diego because its cheap – but i dont know what there is to do there?

any suggestions?

orrr know any other fun places/citys in California?

it doesnt have to be veryyy cheap — just not crazy expensive.

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Answer by Trac2100
the sandiago zoo

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  1. notyou311

    Mar 18, 2014

    They have an amazing zoo and a Gaslight District.

  2. MMMr. X

    Mar 18, 2014

    Are you kidding? There is Sea World, The San Diego Zoo, beaches, the Gas Light District with shopping, night life, live music, the works. There is no good reason to ever be bored while visiting San Diego.

  3. +bookish+

    Mar 18, 2014

    San Diego Zoo and/or Wild Animal Park, Balboa Park Museums, Old Town, Mission Beach Boardwalk, there’s some more ideas at the link below.

    Have fun!

  4. camsgirlie

    Mar 18, 2014

    San Diego has alot of fun things to do! There is the San Diego Zoo, there is SeaWorld, and the beach. There is a big ship that you can go tour for like hours. Your boyfriend will probably like that more than you, but you can enjoy it too if you like history. I don’t remember what the ship is called, but you can do this audio tour and see all the things the crew would do when they were out at sea. One thing you CAN NOT miss is Sea World. It is the best thing ever. I would recommend it to everyone! Make sure you see Shamu! Here is a site that might be useful! http://www.sandiego.gov/directories/visiting.shtml

  5. ozfan98

    Mar 18, 2014

    San Diego is a great place for a vacation. I used to live there, and whenever I go back, I instantly relax as soon as I drive into town and smell the ocean breezes. There are a ton of fun things to do in San Diego:

    *San Diego Zoo (http://www.sandiegozoo.org/) – this is the website for both the Zoo and the Wild Animal Park
    *San Diego Wild Animal Park (really cool – if you go there, make sure you don’t miss the train that takes you around the park; it’s the best way to see many of the habitats from up close)
    *Sea World (http://4adventure.com/SWC/default.aspx)
    *Beautiful beaches – Coronado and Mission Beach are two of the nicest for sunbathing, although La Jolla is very nice, too.
    *Balboa Park – this is where the Zoo is, but they also have a ton of museums there, a huge organ that plays free concerts on Sunday afternoons in the summertime and gorgeous gardens (http://www.balboapark.org/).
    *Old Town San Diego – lots of interesting buildings and information about early San Diego history, and Plaza del Mundo, a shopping and restaurant area that recognizes San Diego’s Mexican population (http://www.oldtownsandiegoguide.com/)

    I would also recommend you check out the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau’s website. They have a whole section on things to do, plus information on hotels (often including special discounted rates), restaurants and helpful tips.


    Other fun places to visit in California:
    *San Francisco (http://www.onlyinsanfrancisco.com/)
    *Santa Barbara (http://www.santabarbaraca.com/)
    *Los Angeles, and Anaheim (http://www.lacvb.com/)
    *Catalina Island (http://www.catalina.com/catalinahome.html)

  6. Christopher J. Holland

    Mar 18, 2014

    Couple of things to add to ozfan…

    Mt. Soledad.
    Hotel Del in Coronado.
    The Wooden Ship. (Basically for kids)
    Maybe Ship yard… USS Ronald Regan?
    Visit the two man made islands. (Can’t remember the names offhand, but they are really nice to see and there are restaruants, hotels and a Club for comedy and singers, plus the sail boat for the Yacht races. Really nice to just see. I would recommend getting a hotel there!)
    Take a walk from Mission Beach to Pacific Beach along the boardwalk.
    Lajolla shores.
    Point Loma. (Light house and Graveyard, plus a cool view of the city from across the water)
    Mt. Palomar Observatory.

    The names of the islands are Harbor Island and Shelter Island.
    I lived in San Diego for about 10 years. My family came down to san Diego and we stayed at Shelter Island. I highly recommend that are to stay.

    I posted the Mapquest Link to show Shelter Island.

  7. sansrival

    Mar 18, 2014

    If you are going to San Diego, dont ever miss the themeparks. I had been to Sea World and San Diego Zoo. I didnt go to the Wild Animal Park and Legoland. In going to these areas be sure that you go early since the shows start on time especially at the Zoo. You can buy bottomless drinks which you can refill the whole day long and which can also serve as souvenirs. Be sure to have a hat or umbrella. There are times when you have to walk from one place to another though there is a double decker ride over at the Zoo. It is nice to take a walk early in the morning.
    I bought 2maps before my trip to San Diego. However, both were incomplete. The reason, San Diego is so widespread. I bought another map when I was there but it was too small that you need to have a magnifying lens. I only appreciated the totality of San Diego when I ride the trolley. Try to explore the areas where it is nice to stop.
    See the last American exit at San Ysidro. There is an outlet store there. It is the best shopping place I had ever been to San Diego. People I know adviced me to keep away from Tijuana.
    See the Coronado Bridge which is one of the tallest in the world. Did you know that it was awarded because of its structure? It gives a spectacular view of the place.
    See also the famous Hotel del Coronado which is one of the best not only in the USA but also in the world.
    See the top 10 popular attractions in San Diego by surfing over at yahoo travel, see travel guides, go to San Diego and go to the bottom page. Click each place and there will be information with regards to its locations, schedule. There is also a slideshow of the nice places to see in San Diego.
    Better make a schedule and be sure that you also go to Balboa Park which is one of the most beautiful parks in the world. See its website so that you will know what and where you want to go and explore!
    I stayed for 2 months in San Diego last year. Always bring a jacket to keep you warm. It is cold over at the theme parks.

  8. Flipstar

    Mar 18, 2014

    There’s lots of things to do near the area… Besides the Zoos and stuff… Try theme parks…

    Or you guys can go to Catalina Island. Great place for couples. There’s so much activities. Diving, Snorkeling, hiking, ride a bike, kayak, tours, casino, movie theater, just so much….

  9. Kathy H

    Mar 18, 2014

    There are lots of things to do in San Diego. Some of my favorite that are not costly (since you mentioned the word “cheap”) are: building a bonfire on the beach, beach volleyball, watching the sunset, hiking around Torrey Pines Park, driving to the top of Mt. Soledad in La Jolla, and biking along the coast.

    Have a great time! whatever you decide to do!

  10. Joe

    Mar 18, 2014

    If you’re staying downtown, take the ferry over to Coronado and rent bikes to ride around the island (well, sort of an island). You’ll see great views of the bay, ocean, and bridge, and while you’re there, stop by the famous Hotel Del and check out the grounds.

    Visit La Jolla. The La Jolla Cove area has some of the most scenic coastline in the area, you can walk down to see the seals at Children’s Pool, watch the ocean for dolphins and whales, and then head up to the village and have lunch at one of the many great restaurants. You can also try the Torrey Pines Gliderport for a picnic while watching the hangliders and paragliders do their thing or hike the Torrey Pines Reserve.

    Balboa Park is kind of the standard San Diego touristy place, but it really is a nice place to spend an afternoon. There are tons of museums, botanical gardens, great architecture, the Old Globe Theatre Complex, and plenty of lawns to relax on and eat.

    You could also spend a day at the zoo (also in Balboa Park), have a sunset drink at the top of the Hyatt and get the best views in town (go early to get a good table), go to Sea World, or take a sunset sail.

    For nightlife, Pacific Beach is a good place to go out if you’re in your mid to early 20’s, otherwise head downtown to the gaslamp quarter.

  11. doingitright44

    Mar 18, 2014

    ok lets see, there is the beaches, from Oceanside to Imperial Beach…Carlsbad, Solana Beach, Del Mar, LaJolla, Pacific Beach(beach bonfires),Mission Beach, Ocean Beach,Mission Bay, best sundown/people watching is probably LaJolla down at the seal preserve/lifeguard station just below Prospect Ave.( top notch shopping and dining on Prospect…also known as LaJolla Cove area), good hanging out in Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach (jazz and blues) world class Zoo, wild animal park in Escondido, Sea World, Leggo Land, …shopping , dining and historic tours thru the Old Town, mission valley and fashion valley areas, carriage rides thru Seaport Village (shop and eat) good clubbing and dinner spots in the gaslamp district (downtown) world famous Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island (great views of the city from the other side, bike riding and dining all over the island) wine country north of Escondido on 15, best live horseracing meet in California during summer in Del Mar (opening day in July is not to be missed) one unbelieveable time at a partyfest known as Over The Line (look this one up please) on fiesta island during summer, a 4 day summer outdoor concertfest with a number of different bands playing at different venues in a 4 block radius, The Rock and Roll marathon,Shelter Island summer jazz concerts, hang glide wind surf or nude beach in the Torrey area, surf LaJolla and north, the mexican border minutes away, good cheap shopping in TJ and at the border outlet stores on the US side, three Indian Casinos within an hour of each other (one is managed by Harrahs) best weather in the continental US, reasonably priced golf all year round…and well, I think you get the idea…there is so much more…(oh and do stop down at Point Loma seafoods, lil place great fresh Louis, scallops,crab sandwiches, smoked fish and lemonade in a casual setting overlooking the bay, reasonably priced )

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