Where do I find the dates/listings for the county auction of forclosed homes?

Question by The Mrs.: Where do I find the dates/listings for the county auction of forclosed homes?
In San Diego, Ca how to find out when the next auction will be? I did a search online, but the only thing that comes up are privately owned auction companies.

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Answer by Go with the flow
Local newspaper has this on their classifieds.
Under foreclosures.
Are you a cash buyer?
Know that many of these homes have serious damage.
I’ve even seen them without kitchen countertops, bathtubs, AC units, etc.
Some have mold, missing plumbing, holes in the roof.

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4 Comments → “Where do I find the dates/listings for the county auction of forclosed homes?”

  1. Ariaread

    Apr 30, 2013

    The County Office of the Treasurer. Call and ask for a list and the rules for bidding

  2. Casey Y

    Apr 30, 2013

    There are services that will compile foreclosures in your area, but you have to pay.

    You can go to the county courthouse and ask around. Also, try the local papers, these will be listed in the fine print pages.

  3. loanmasterone

    Apr 30, 2013

    The local San Diego Union would have a listing of the potential foreclosure sales in the legal section of their newspaper.. You might want to call prior to going to the sale site as many of these sales are canceled until a later date.

    There is a service that would provide you a listing of the foreclosure sales in your area, you would have to subscribe to this service, there is a small cost. You would be sent an issue probably once a week or the service would down load it to your email address.

    You might also find these foreclosure sales in the San Diego county court. They would have a listing of these sales. You may go to the court and copy these list. Normally there is a small fee for you obtaining copies of these foreclosure list.

    There are many foreclosure auctions in San Diego county on a daily basis. You would have to select the one you would want to attend.

    In order for you to be successful in the purchase of a house at a foreclosure sale, most would require personal checks to be from a local bank, cashier check would be necessary for the down payment. If you do not come up with the rest of the funds within a 3-5 or perhaps 7 day time frame you would lose your deposit.

    You should have seen the house prior to making a bid on it. You would have a better idea as if there is damage to the property and make a bid based on the cost to repair any possible damage.

    There would be investors that might run the bid up on a property, beware of these events and get out of the bidding once you have reached your top bid.

    I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.

    “FIGHT ON”

  4. Bill

    Apr 30, 2013

    The local newspaper should have legal listings showing pending foreclosures but property auctions are conducted by private auction houses with the lender being the client. Unless you are a professional, buying from an auction can be very difficult. These properties do not come with title insurance guaranteeing no liens and they require cash down at time of winning bid and usually only 10 days for payment of the balance. Remember “BUYER BEWARE”. Good Luck

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