Where in San Diego a family of 3, including a 5year old child, will be safe to rent?

Question by : Where in San Diego a family of 3, including a 5year old child, will be safe to rent?
We are moving shortly in CA, San Diego area. My husband was looking at houses in Clairemont, La Jolla and Del Mar. We need to know what area will be the safest and what we should avoid.

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Answer by tom92117
Del Mar is a very nice area for the most part. Agreed there are a few pockets that are rundown, but it’s a money town.

La Jolla has very good schools and it is one of the most expensive beach communities in all of California. Areas around La Jolla Shores have large single family homes that are worth millions of dollars. The condos overlooking the Cove are also very expensive to both buy and rent.

Clairemont is a very affordable area to live in. As you can see by my screen name I know the 92117 zip code very well (that’s Clairemont) and enjoyed growing up there. It has smaller single family homes with decent sized yards, easy access to the bay and beaches, a low crime rate and it’s a lot cheaper than Del Mar and La Jolla. The schools are quite decent. Also live in West Clairemont, not East Clairemont.

Since you are looking in the La Jolla/Clairemont area why not checkout Pacific Beach as well. Use the 92109 zip to check the real estate listings. I love Pacific Beach.

One thing to consider about where you will be living is where will you be working. You want to be near your job. Sounds like you are looking to live along the Interstate 5 corridor and that can be a real bietch of a drive. Going from Pacific Beach/Clairemont to the Miramar area in the morning was an 18 minute drive. Coming home on Friday afternoon it was over an hour commute. That’s how crowded I-5 can get.

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