Why Invest In a Clairemont Foreclosure Property

Why Invest In a Clairemont Foreclosure Property

Clairemont Foreclosure PropertyForeclosures occur when a home owner defaults on his mortgage payment and the bank or lender takes possession of the property. Foreclosures present an opportunity for investors to make an affordable investment as banks are ready to sell them at throw away prices.

A Clairemont Foreclosure property could be a great investment, as San Diego foreclosures are selling at considerable discounts. Other than the savings in cost, investing in Clairemont confers several other benefits.

* Good place to live: With good amenities and diverse communities, the city is a good place to live. The city was rated in 2006 as the fifth best place to live in the nation by Money magazine. According to Forbes magazine, San Diego is the fifth wealthiest city in the USA. Hence, buying a  Clairemont Foreclosure property is a golden opportunity.

* Sound economy: San Diego’s top four industries are manufacturing, agriculture, tourism and defense. Military bases in San Diego include US Naval bases, Marine Corps bases and Coast Guard stations.

* Manufacturing: It is home to high technology companies like Qualcomm which is the biggest employer in the private sector in the city. The city is also host to over 400 bio technology companies.

* Tourism: The city’s beaches, its climate, and several attractions like Balboa Park, Sea world San Diego, City Zoo attract over 30 million visitors annually. The industry for cruise ships generates millions annually.

* Research: The city is home to research facilities of many bio-technology companies like Pfizer, Vertex etc. Also, there are non profit health and research institutes like Salk Institute for Biological Studies.

* Education: According to US census bureau, 40.5% of San Diego residents aged 25 and older holds graduate degrees. It is the ninth most educated city in the nation. Public colleges and university include San Diego University, University of California, San Diego etc.

* Culture: There are many popular museums like the San Diego Museum of Art, the Museum of Photographic Arts, The San Diego Natural History Museum, City Maritime Museum etc. The city has a growing art scene. The San Diego symphony and the San Diego opera are the finest in the nation. There are many theaters like the Old Globe theatre. Sporting events take place in the Qualcomm Stadium.

A Clairemont Foreclosure property offer great opportunities for investing in foreclosed properties in San Diego.

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